Recently we have have been creating scripts, characters, backgrounds, voices and music to produce animated video advertisements for Sphere Brand’s STAY FRESH Shoe Deodorizer Balls. These ads appear on social media sites in an effort to engage viewers so they will share these videos and drive traffic to and to purchase Sphere Brand products.

Dr. Foot Funk reports on STAY FRESH sneaker balls, the best way to eliminate odours in all your footwear and sports gear from

Swedish Tennis Pro Lars Leduce recommends STAY FRESH shoe deodorizer balls to keep his tennis sneakers smelling fresh on the court. Available from

SPHERE NEWS Channel takes you to Upsandowns to thoroughbred horse Trainer Harry Hoofer with his report for STAY FRESH SHOE DEODORIZER BALLS from

Hockey enforcer Claude Labouche recommends STAY FRESH shoe deodorizer balls to keep the teams skates and equipment bags smelling fresh. Available from

Canada's Minister of Sports, MP Max Toes reveals the Team Canada STAY FRESH strategy for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo Japan. Available from

Elf Alfie Kringle reports on Santa's new stocking stuffer STAY FRESH Shoe Deodorizer Balls to eliminate sticky boots and shoes this winter. Available from

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